Some things old, some things new.  Some things uniquely made for you.


Norman General Store

E3296 County Road G

Kewaunee, WI 54216

920-234-5594 (call or text)

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6 miles south of Kewaunee on Hwy. 42, then 3 miles west on County Road G.

E3296 County Road G, Kewaunee, WI  54216

     In an effort to support the social distancing that is necessary at this time (and to stop the spread of cooties), the Norman General Store is suspending normal business hours and will offer in-store shopping by appointment only.  We will also take “to-go” orders by phone or email. 


     30 new bolts of quilt fabric arrived in March. (Yeah!) More fabric will arrive in April.  (Double Yeah!)  We are posting all the new fabric on the website.  Check back to see the new notions that will also be arriving soon.  


     So, if you need more fabric, sewing supplies, pancake mixes or maple syrup to help you get through the next few weeks (Please, please, please be only weeks and not months!), call or text us at 920-234-5594 or email us at


     (But, please, do not schedule an appointment if you have cooties or think you have cooties.  That would just be ewww!)


     We have anti-bacterial wipes located inside the store entrance when you arrive for your appointment or to pick up your order.  Deli-style food handling gloves are also available if you desire them.

     Turn this negative into a positive.  What a perfect opportunity to teach your loved ones how to quilt.  Create a great memory that they may look back on and say, "This was when my mother/grandmother/sister taught me how to quilt."  

Welcome to the historic Norman General Store. 


Following the traditions of general stores of old, we offer a variety of "general" merchandise.  Instead of sacks of flour, there are bread, muffin and pancake mixes.  Instead of calico prints and muslins, there is a (growing) selection of quilt fabrics, battings and sewing supplies.  Pens, pencils, and greeting cards share shelves with vintage glasswares and collectibles. 


 Jams, jellies, maple syrups, spices and soaps -- as well as other treats and handcrafted items -- are made in Wisconsin.


We hope you will stop by and take a little step back in time.

(Online sales are currently not available.)

Please scroll down to view some of the products available at the
historic Norman General Store.
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