2-Year Anniversary Sale

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for the month of June.

6 miles south of Kewaunee on Hwy. 42, then 3 miles west on County Road G.

E3296 County Road G, Kewaunee, WI  54216

      The Norman General Store is happy to announce that we are open, again, for walk-in business. (Whoo hoo!) If you need to buy more fabrics for masks (helping prevent the spread of cooties), want to replenish your stash, or if you are just looking for that particular fabric to finish a project, please come by and see us.  We do ask that you wear a mask, if possible, to help keep everyone and everything safe from cooties.


     You may continue to place phone orders for pickup.  Please review our inventory in the Quilt Fabrics section.  To place an order, or if you have questions about our fabric or other merchandise, please give us a call or text us at 920-234-5594, or email us at normangeneralstore@icloud.com.     

     Like everyone else, I've been stuck at home for the last eight weeks.  As previously mentioned in these blogs,  I was going to turn this negative into a positive and sew, sew, sew.  (Sew!)  There was the store with bolts of fabric, in case the personal fabric stash wasn't enough.  (Gonna have some fun!)  Well...my broken foot did not cooperate with my sewing plans.  (Oh, #$%@!)  Long story made short, I might have purchased a little too much fabric.  (Boredom+wholesale account+laptop+credit card=Where do I put all of this fabric?!?)  We are discussing additional shelving or another major rearrangement of current merchandise.


     Over 60 bolts of fabric have arrived since the end of March.  (That is a lot for our little store.) More is arriving this week.  Halloween fabrics are in; some are fun, some are spooky (but not scary).  Kits are being made for a cute tote.  


     Christmas fabrics are arriving later this month.  There will be a red & white theme, plus snowmen with plaid and polkadots. Additional fabric is on order for June and August.  We have also purchased new notions which should arrive this month.  Please stop in and check out the new inventory.

     Continued thanks go out to the Kewaunee Artisan Center and the Patch of Lakeshore Quilters Guild for their ongoing efforts to sew and distribute masks throughout our local communities. Combined, they have sewn close to 5000 masks.  We are "sew proud" of our local quilters and sewing artisans for their generosity in giving so much of their time and fabric stash to help keep our neighbors cootie free.  

Welcome to the historic Norman General Store. 


Following the traditions of general stores of old, we offer a variety of "general" merchandise.  Instead of sacks of flour, there are bread, muffin and pancake mixes.  Instead of calico prints and muslins, there is a (growing) selection of quilt fabrics, battings and sewing supplies.  Pens, pencils, and greeting cards share shelves with vintage glasswares and collectibles. 


 Jams, jellies, maple syrups, spices and soaps -- as well as other treats and handcrafted items -- are made in Wisconsin.


We hope you will stop by and take a little step back in time.

(Online sales are currently not available.)

Please scroll down to view some of the products available at the
historic Norman General Store.
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Some things old, some things new.  Some things uniquely made for you.


Norman General Store

E3296 County Road G

Kewaunee, WI 54216

920-234-5594 (call or text)


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